In the current polarised world, many businesses are requesting developers from EU or US countries in order to avoid possible sabotage.

Outsourcing development to Asia was quite popular 10 years ago. But developing countries lack high quality standards and those developed are considered current security threats.

At ESTEN, we share the same passion for quality and security as our customers. We achieve higher protection by innovations. Our developers had experience with redesigning robust hardcoded systems for financial transactions to fit into a new cloud architecture with a request for secure, scalable resources. We do not only make the system scalable, but we also implement all necessary changes to make it compliant with current financial standards. Our work did not end with system delivery, but we guide the customer through the whole approval and certification process for global banking transactions.

Whether you are looking for a team with integrity coming from a save country, or an advanced security expertise, you will find it in ESTEN.