The Customer

The customer are two large German public health insurance companies that decided to invest into healthcare digitalization to improve the healthcare quality

Project Intro

An innovative project that transfers maternity pass to the digital form, simplifying gynecologists’ work, improving care of patients and improving communication between the patient and the healthcare personnel


Project Mission

The primary target was to reduce the rate of premature and non-successful childbirths by digital maternity pass that provides the doctor with real time full evidence about any exams and tests while receiving a warning about any out-of-range results.

The second target was to build a digital network of healthcare personnel with a higher level of integration and better communication channels.

Benefits Introduces by Us

  1. Mobile applications for Android and iOS including Push notifications and 2-factor authentication

  2. Web application for healthcare personnel and insurance stuff with full responsive design. The web application supports the patients’ evidence, exams and their recording into the maternity pass, communication with patients, dashboard with tasks and terms and lot of other functionalities.

  3. Backend system providing API for mobile and web application, exporting medicine data to the standardized FHIR server, generating invoices and calculating fees for the exams including many types of exports for healthcare personnel and health insurance employees.

  4. Infrastructure and cloud design for stable operation, data security and scalability.

The Project Covers

Web Application Development (for healthcare personnel)

  • Responsivity (common use on tablets)
  • New doctors and midwives' registration
  • Calendar view and appointment creation
  • Communication with patients
  • Dashboard with tasks and terms for a specific day
  • Patients and maternity pass evidence

Mobile Application Development (for patients)

  • Registration and login through the application
  • Communication with a doctor
  • Calendar view and an appointment view
  • Maternity pass with full evidence
  • 2-factor authentication

Backend application

  • Providing API for web and mobile applications
  • Communication with FHIR server
  • Provided service invoicing
  • Export services for invoices, maternity passes and individual exams

Technologies Used