The Customer

One of the largest steel producers in the world, addressing a new challenge to report about the volume of emitted greenhouse gasses to the EU.

Project Intro

Considering the large diversity of the iron and steel production a huge effort was exerted to collect exact data and provide succeeding processing, evaluation and monitoring, while eliminating the influence by humans.


Project Mission

The target of this project was to develop a system for data gathering, calculation definitions including results reporting and auditing.

Benefits Introduces by Us

  1. Stable database solution providing long term data access and protection
  2. Structured web application 
    • based on modern cloud architecture
    • multi language and multi-unit support (imperial and metric)
    • multi-level, role based access
    • application settings interface
    • data access in various time zones
    • complete hierarchy management across a multinational company
    • management of advanced calculations and reports
    • post processing capability using third party systems 

Technologies Used