The Customer

The customer is one of the largest European corporations in the Energy sector. They were extending their charging station network,covering over 16 million customers.

Project Intro

IT platform supporting electric vehicle (EV) charging. The system provides communication with the charging stations, charging authorization, management of charging sessions, invoice generation, roaming services and a lot of other features.


Project Mission

Our task was to migrate existing monolith application based on Java EE to the microservice architecture based on Spring Boot improving scalability while using a cloud environment.

As the EV is a fast-growing industry with enormous growth of customer’s base, the scalability in upcoming years is critical for the platform success. Currently the platform processes over 250,000 charging sessions monthly.

Benefits Introduces by Us

  1. Cloud based, easily scalable systems based on microservices.

  2. More customers thanks to the implemented OCPI roaming protocol allowing the client to close contracts with other partners whose customers can charge vehicles on our chargers

  3. System based on latest technologies, highly covered by unit tests and test automation ensuring high reliability and SW bug minimizing.

Technologies Used