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Why join ESTEN?



While most companies are either customer, or owner oriented, ESTEN chose a different path.

The value we appreciate the most is the quality of our work. And the quality ofwork depends on the quality of our employees. Their satisfaction, personal and professional growth is what we care about.



We motivate our colleagues to master cutting-edge technologies. And that comes hand in hand with education - formal or life-long.

If students come for an internship, we do not limit their growth. Are they aiming for a PHD, foreign internship or a course? They have our support. Then those returning will enrich us even more.



One of ESTEN’s benefits is participation in international projects. As an independent developer you gain access to small foreign projects.

But with ESTEN you can work on large multinational contracts such as developing a trans-European cloud for all member countries. Not challenging enough? Consider applying AI in manufacturing, healthcare or logistics. It’s easy to pick a topic when you’re on board.



We avoid personal leasing where developers are interviewed for each project to prove their credibility.

Your time is highly valued, and we want you to spend it in development. We’d rather take on a complete task where ESTEN guarantees overall quality and assembles a team of internally proven members, instead of questioning your abilities.



Your creativity and productivity flourish only if you feel safe. So, we care about your wellbeing.

Inspiring, listening, supporting and helping you solve situations in your life is what you will find at ESTEN. Our team is not a mass of people, but a group of individuals with unique qualities and needs. Flexible shifts, home office, work adjusted to your needs was commonplace at ESTEN long before the pandemic started.


in decisions

At ESTEN you participate in the company’s strategic decisions. Preparing strategy without you would not work.

Employees stay with the company longer only if the company's mission is aligned with their vision. That’s why we need you to stand up and participate in shaping our future.

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Fill in the questionnaire or send us an email at jobs@esten.sk