Environmental policy

We consider sustainability as the only way how our planet can survive and be passed in a good condition to our children, as it was once passed to us.

When we buy our equipment we always prefer low power hardware or devices with PWM modulation allowing scalable power consumption.

Ecological or recycled packaging is as much important as other device properties. We try to minimise waste in every aspect of our operation, recycling all the materials possible.

But the largest benefits for the planet are brought by our solutions.Our scalable designs are consuming power at a peaks, but once the demand is over, the resources and related power consumption are scaled down dramatically. This does not only save money to our customers, but also energy and related carbon footprint.

We also care about manufacturing materials. As Aluminium components are well known for high power demand during manufacturing process, we are designing new hardware prototypes by replacing number of Aluminium components by carbon composites with embedded micro sensors. This not only saves energy at a manufacturing, but also creates smart and clever design that requires much less space and storage area that typically is an air conditioned room in a hospital.

We tend to leave a large footprint in area of innovation instead of a large carbon footprint debt that our children will need to pay for us.