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Advanced Training For Developers

we will increase the level of IT knowledge of your developers
courses tailored to the skills of participants
curriculum designed for maximum time efficiency
individual mentoring combined with teamwork
qualified trainers with long-term pedagogical experience
output profile with "hard and soft skills" of the graduate

Educational Packages

As long-term experts in software development, we offer courses tailored to the needs of your development team.

Junior DevCamp

TypeScript / Java / Go


  • learning to think in the language
  • programming environments and orientation in them
  • many exercises and their solutions that demonstrate common practices
  • managing source code in Git

Requirements for the training participant

  • any previous technical course or training

  • Code collaboration with CI/CD automation (EA23008)
  • Medior DevCamp

    Angular for JavaScript, Spring Boot for Java


    • principles of building larger applications
    • contributing to larger projects in a team and collaborating on source code
    • design patterns and recipes for the relevant language or technology
    • packaging and distributing applications

    Requirements for the training participant

    • programming knowledge in the relevant language

  • Code collaboration with CI/CD automation (EA23008)
  • Backend service development in Spring Boot (EA23006)
  • Front-end development in Angular (EA23002)
  • Senior DevCamp

    Infrastructure support and automation of large scalable projects in the cloud


    • continuous Delivery a Continuous Integration (CI/CD)
    • management of virtual resources in the cloud
    • components of cloud applications
    • project deployment automation
    • cloud and kubernetes

    Requirements for the training participant

    • proficiency in at least one programming language and basic knowledge of any operating system

  • CI/CD Automatization (EA23008)
  • Cloud for developers (EA23009)
  • Cloud engineering (EA23013)
  • Message Brokers (EA23011 / EA23010)
  • Choose a specialized package tailored to you

    DevCamp Special

    Customize DevCamp according to your needs

    We will help you precisely identify the needs of your team and together we will create the most suitable curriculum.

    DevCamp creation process


    Consultation and analysis of the initial state


    Interview with the teacher


    Proposal of suitable blocks for camp


    Customer approval and preparation of a price offer

    Price quotes on request.

    Qualified trainers from the academic environment

    Róbert Novotný

    Róbert Novotný

    Róbert is a long-time IT enthusiast with extensive experience in both educational and practical environments. He combines the qualities of a unique technology enthusiast, lecturer, and educator with a precise sense of imparting his enthusiasm to his students.

    Lukáš Baran

    Lukáš Baran

    Lukáš has extensive experience in developing custom Enterprise applications using Java technologies and frameworks. He has worked in positions such as developer, lead developer, team leader, and project manager. He is a co-creator and implementer of the concept of booster camps, which we have carried out as pilot projects in this field.

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